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Tidy-Vac® 3e Dry Canister Vacuum


Tidy-Vac 6 Dry Canister Vacuum


Aspen™-6 / Aspen™-10 Backpack Vacuums


V-WD-15 / V-WD-15S / V-WD-16P / V-WD-16B Wet / Dry Vacuums


V-LWU-13 Light-Weight Upright Vacuum


V-SMU-14 Single Motor Upright Vacuum


V-DMU-14 Dual Motor Upright Vacuum


V-HDU-14 Heavy Duty Vacuum


V-WA-26 Wide Area Vacuum


V-WA-30 Wide Area Vacuum

Find the industrial or commercial vacuum cleaner for your facility’s floors

Clean almost anywhere with Tennant Company's complete line of upright, backpack, and canister vacuum cleaners. Count on Tennant vacuums equipment for durability and versatility for application in almost any environment with heavy-duty, lightweight, single motor, dual motor, wet-dry, and wide-area vacuum options available.